Thursday, November 25, 2010

*Accepting Donations for GWR Attempt

As previously posted, Wim and I (collectively) will be attempting to break 3 world records this December. Being that I am a college student, I don't have the flexibility of a millionaire.

In no way do I expect anyone to donate, but if you would like to, feel free to either contact me, or send donations with a message to:


Wim's Flight
The box to perform the full body immersion in
The ice
...and a few other things that aren't on the top of my head right now.

Once again, I'm not asking you to, but if you would like to donate... we would humbly accept it.

Thank you for your consideration,

Justin Rosales


  1. Good Luck!!!
    from Alex

  2. Hi, Can you please restate what world records you're going to break? I can't find it here.

    Best of luck to you!

  3. Hello! I was wondering: why did this blog stop? Also, what happened to Justin? I tried googling you but can't find you anywhere? I loved reading the book and am now in my 7th week of the online course.