Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The noble force of the cold

The new challenge in Karpacz, Poland this coming winter, the 10 km barefoot Ice Run is a totally new discipline which will open up a new dimension to both sport and spirit

Scientifically proven is that the immune system, nervous system, blood circulatory processes, heart and mind, are fully exercised and highly developed
It is just logic otherwise without these improved capabilities we cannot withstand such a cold exposure

Everybody can do it, and actually should if you had the possibility to get into it

It is a marvelous experience as well, a deep inner feeling and you could call it spirituality with both feet on the ground

In this challenge, you will go deep and as I always say have a Cold high instead of a runner's high, it is the release of many endorphins, dopamine , melatonin, adrenaline, so many natural drugs (hormones) which absolutely will make you a sort of high

But is is more, just get into it and find out about what the noble force of the cold can do for you

Cold is like heat, do not put your hand in the fireplace, but be comfortable sitting next to it

The Cold gradually adapted, will develop unknown power within you and of course the mind

Share the strength and deep silence, as meditation will come naturally


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